This is only the beginning…


I’m here to talk about great adventures of being number 3/5. Yes stuck in the middle. Life is great there are lots of ups and downs, turns, lefts and rights. Where are you as a middle child when it comes to left and rights… Nowhere else but the middle. Have you ever heard of the youngest child’s curse or the oldest child syndrome …no because there’s not any of those…let’s see you thought you were cool until there were more after you and now no one seems to notice your EXISTANCE! Hey it’s okay, did you know studies prove that middle children grow up to be more skillfull manipulators, successful leaders, Cooperative problem solvers because they aren’t used to getting their way. They’re usually more patient, adventurous, and more open to ideas. Middle children are more flexible, easy-going, social, independent, peacemakers, secrative,usually feel like life is unfair, strong negotiators, and Generous. I mean we technically keep the family from falling apart.🤷☕

Outstanding isn’t it.


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