The Beauty

Your parents are Lenient with you
Since you’re the middle child, its not your parents first rodeo, this means that they have been there and done that with your older sibling/s. Middle children don’t have to deal with the anxiety of first-time parents. Usually, the older sibling/s has to wait a long time for a cell phone, or later curfew, but with you, they will most likely get you a cell phone at a younger age, and let you push a few curfew buttons. Since you’re not the baby, they don’t have a fear of you “growing up to fast”. You make great relationships With anybody no matter what age. The middle children have the ability to connect with each sibling no matter the difference in age. This helps us out in real life, because we know how to change diapers, and correctly talk to younger children, but we also know how to hold intellectual conversations due to our experience with older siblings. You tend to be so much more independent. You don’t like when people try to influence your decisions, especially your older siblings, you try to create your own path and stand out. We are not the leader of the pack nor a follower, so we tend to play by our own rules. We are so powerful. Did you know that over 52% of our presidents have been middle children as well as other famous and powerful people such as Bill Gates, Jennifer Lopez, Brittney Spears, Madonna and Martin Luther King Jr……and, we have a mini butlr…. If you are a middle child, and you say you’ve never come up with a scheme to get your younger sibling to do something for you, like saying, “ill time you” when you ask them to get you a drink, you are 100% lying. Just saying🤷🐸☕


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